This is elegant and restful panel with fresh and neat color tone and luxurious crystal feeling.
It is suitable for backwall of kitchen, wall of bathroom, wall of sanitary spaces,
and interior materials of various indoor facilities.
Non-combustible, Waterproof, Chemical Resistance
KYOLITE Decorative Panel is made in accordance with strict quality standard. It has passed Japanese state examination, and approved as non-combustible building material by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.

As the pattern layer of KYOLITE Decorative Panel does not contain any paper and other organic, it does not get mouldy. If dirt on the surface of the panel such as soap scum gets mouldy, you can remove it easily because the panel is protected by special ultraviolet curing layer.KYOLITE Decorative Panel has been used perennially not only for kitchen and sanitary spaces but also for bath unit wall which especially requires a high level water-resistance.

The surface of KYOLITE Decorative Panel is coated with special resin which is completely cured with ultraviolet rays. It leaves unchanged by alkaline and acid detergents which change gloss of melamine decorative board.It is suitable material for wall of kitchen and bath in which mould removers and bleaching agents are used.
Easy to Clean
Usual maintenance is sufficient only wipe with a dry cloth. Please clean tough stain such as oil spot with a mild detergent No special maintenance is required.
KYOLITE Decorative Panel contributes to energy saving because it is made of calcium silicate board which has high thermal insulation. It does neither contain noxious materials such as asbestos and formaldehyde nor produce them. And it realized TX free (disuse of toluene and xylene). It is so friendly to both the earth and your health.
Easy to Use
In the case of ceramic tiles, a special craftsman installs them one by one. And it takes time because of wet construction method. Meanwhile, in the case of KYOLITE Decorative Panel, you can save time because it is large-size and can be installed by dry construction method. As the base material is made of a specific gravity of 1.0 calcium silicate board, it is not necessary to use any dedicated tools.